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How does Stress Affect your Overall Health?

How does stress affect your overall health? Stress in children is becoming a lot more common across the world. In more developed countries such as the US, Canada and Europe, there is a lot of pressure on children as well as other demands on them. Even at an early age, children are exposed to stressful conditions that put their young lives at risk.

When kids are very young, they are taken to kindergarten or to pre-school day care. They get separated from their parents and families. This results in a child feeling undue stress at the separation. This happens to very young children at a really early stage of their lives.

At school, kids are required to adhere to rules and to understand class work, perform homework and basically do plenty of work. Again, this is a source of stress for the kids, some as young as 5 or six.

Pressures and stress in kids also results from peer pressure and social situations that arise when kids interact with others. Sometimes kids experience horrifying situations. The kids may experience stressful scenes such as a horrific accident or a war situation. An unstable home such as constant quarrels between parents and stuff like that is bound to seriously stress the children

Stress in children could have a disastrous effect on their health. Children that are under immense stress could be prone to infections of all kinds. These infections will be as a result of reduced immunity. Immunity is often reduced when there is a significant amount of stress being endured by the body. Infections may include fevers, colds, skin diseases and others.

Stress in children may cause various reactions such as rebellion. Kids may rebel and refuse to go to school or attend certain classes. Sometimes this may be referred to as extreme disobedience, stubbornness or gross misconduct. This is actually a child’s way of reacting to the high stress levels they are exposed to. Rather than take stern and punitive measures, parents and guardians should instead talk to their children and try to understand what is causing this undue behavior and find the right remedy.

Stress in kids may result in obesity. Many kids that are stressed tend to find comfort in food. Thus they may consume plenty of unhealthy foods that will make them gain weight. And with the busy schedules that modern teachers have, there is hardly any time for kids to exercise, practice or engage in play. This will definitely lead to issues of overweight and obesity. The consequences of obesity in kids are definitely worrying as these kids may develop diabetes and other chronic conditions.

Stress affects your overall health in many ways so we need to look at stress reduction techniques for children and teach them these skills from an early age.

How Does Stress Affect your Overall Health

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