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Stress and Acne

Managing Stressful Feelings In Teenagers

The teen years of a person's life can be among the most stressful. It is also a time when most young adults become very conscious of their appearance. Unfortunately the two don't always go hand in hand.

Teen acne is very common and the causes of it are not all known completely. While it is unpleasant, there are new studies that have been done to show the correlation between stress and teen acne. This information can then help teens to manage the more unpleasant symptoms they experience.

Is there a link between stress and acne in teenagers? If so, what can be done to manage symptoms?

Pimples affect both the physical and psychological well-being of an individual, particularly teens. Many have long held that there is a connection between stressful feelings and an increase of severity in acne symptoms.


While many believed that increased tensions raised the amounts of sebum production and this caused outbreaks, studies are now revealing new truths. Increased stimulation of the sebaceous glands does not necessarily mean more acne. A recent study helps shed some light on the subject.

The largest study of acne and its relation to stress was conducted in Singapore. This location was chosen because of its stable year round climate- hot and humid. The teenagers that were involved were asked about their tension levels. They were given a chart in which they could measure the amounts of stress they were feeling.

It was noted that at the most stressful times, the students noticed a remarkable increase in their acne symptoms. The amount of sebum produced remained mostly unchanged. Those with increased stress levels were 23% more likely to have an increase in the severity of their symptoms.

Researchers believe that greater amounts of stressful feelings increase inflammation which then results in a worsening of acne in teens.

The start of a new school year, exams and other situations are definitely stressful. For a teenager, these stressors can be made worse by the physical affects. It should be mentioned that in order for stress to have an effect on acne, one needs to have a predisposition to it.

Happily, there are many treatments available for those who do suffer with acne. Some treatments have been around for a long time, these are still considered effective. New products have also made their way onto market shelves.

Milder and less irritating cleansers and products have made treating acne easier. Dermatologists recommend sticking with a regimen even if results don't come about right away. It can take months for skin to clear and make a noticeable difference. Don't give up!

Stress is a known culprit for many unpleasant symptoms- physically and emotionally. The connection between stress and teen acne is established. Both stress and acne however, can be managed effectively and successfully.

Stress and Acne

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