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How to Make Stress Relief Balls

Stress relief balls are simply soft balls that you can use to relive stressful or anxious feelings with by squeezing them.

Stressful feelings may sound to be too serious an issue to have a cure from a simple ball but in reality, they actually work well. It is that feeling when we are snowed under with things beyond our control. When we are subject to the excessive demands of life and we are unable to cope up with it. Despite our helplessness, there is little we can do but carry on with what we have to do.

In the whole process, we lose freedom and that drives us out of mental pleasure. The result is stressful feelings, a situation when we want to just throw it all away but cannot.

How To Make Stress Relief Balls Easily At Home

These balls can be made in a few easy steps at home. What you need to make is a ball that is soft, filled and strong enough to be played with. Stress relief balls made at home are commonly prepared using a balloon.

The idea is to fill up the balloon, not with air but with some soft materials, such as flour mix or cornstarch. You need to blow up the balloon and put in the material you choose to use into the balloon using a funnel.

You can then tie it up after the air inside the balloon is squeezed out. You should tie up the stress relief ball allowing just a small space inside so the flour mix or cornstarch is not tightly packed. That would defeat the purpose.Now, you know how to make them at home easily and you can go ahead making as many as you want.

Why Stress Relief Balls Work!

The best way to beat tension is to get into an activity which does not involve any activity on our part (activity of the mind) but can take our mind off what we have been thinking of.

This distraction helps us to calm down and while we play with the stress relief balls, the additional energy that has been generated during the stressful time, is allowed to be used through the physical activity.

You can actually start throwing these balls at all your family members and start a game. No one gets hurt and all can relieve their tensions.

Stress Relief Balls

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