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Stress Relief For Kids

Help your Child be Calm, Cool and Collected!

Use these simple, research-proven tips as stress relief for kids. Keeping your kids de-stressed is not an easy task. Sometimes you don't even know they are stressed out. However, you can tell if they’re stressed out if they have sleep problems, don't want to go to bed, are more clingy than normal, and don't want to go places such as school or visiting friends and relatives.

You can especially notice when they start acting other than their normal self. Maybe sitting around when they normally play, or not listening to you when you talk to them. Kids have the same emotions adults do but it's ten times worse because they don't know they are suffering from stressful feelings. It's up to you to, not only know when stressful feelings are bothering them, but to find successful stress relief for your kids. It can be caused by the bully at school, too much school work, or even the food they are eating. Use the following tips to bring the smile back to your children's lives.

Stress in kids is a major cause of discomfort, illnesses and infections as well as the result of erratic behavior and unacceptable trends. These trends include skipping school and avoiding play. Kids of all ages and of both gender are affected by stress fro the time they are quite young. If these stressful feelings are not adequately addressed, it can result in serious consequences that might be harder to tackle later on in life.

One of the best ways that parents can deal with their child’s stress issues is to have total and open discussions with their kids on a regular basis. When kids get this opportunity to open up, the relief is immense. Kids should also be encouraged to participate in play hard and become active in the playground. This is a great way of reducing stress levels in kids.

Kids can also engage in certain stress relief games. These games can be played by kids on their own or kids together with adults. Parents are welcome to participate.

There plenty of other games that kids can play in order to reduce their stress levels. Another popular one is painting the stress relief ball before time runs out. The painting is done using smileys rather than paint or brush. The player uses some form of gun and shoots as many smileys as they can before time runs out.

Aside form these popular games, there are some activities that kids can engage in so as to relieve stress. Visualization is one. Kids should be allowed to take a break and then given a couple of moments to visualize a peaceful, soothing environment where everyone and everything is nice, peaceful and serene. Such games and activities will help kids manage stress and in the long run become healthier, less stressed individuals.

Simple, But Effective Stress Relief Strategies


Always keep a bottle of bubbles around to give them some fun. There is nothing better than keeping the mind off problems than blowing bubbles. Teach your kids to use slow, controlled breaths to blow the best bubbles.

They not only blow terrific bubbles, but it helps them reduce stressful feelings by slowing their heart rate and lowering their blood pressure. Plus it releases a hormone called cortisol, which reduces stress and anxiety. If they take a deep breathe and let it out slowing, they will soon be able to talk to you about what's bothering them.

Hug a day

Hugging, touching, and hand holding is very useful in countering anxiety and stress. It gives an immediate effect to stress and give the kids a secure feeling.

Music soothes the soul

Use music to give stress relief for kids. It gives them a chance to hide away temporarily until they get a handle on the stress and can talk to you about it. If you can get them to dance along with the music, it's that much better. The exercise gets their blood moving and releases hormones that can easily deal with their stress. Read more about music therapy here.

Sit in the Sun

Move your kids outside (if you can), so the sun can be absorbed into the body with its healing power. The sun helps release hormones that stabilize the mood such as serotonin. If you can't get them outdoors, then sit them in front of a window with the sun shining on them.

Deep Breathing

Taking very deep breaths and holding it for a few seconds will calm the stress. It also adds oxygen to the body which stimulates the body to start releasing hormones that change the mood. Read more here.

Spell Their Name Backwards

Start the stress relief for kids by having them spell their name or other words backwards. It makes them focus on something else other than their problems.

Talk to a friend

Teach your kids to talk about what's bothering them. If they can't talk to you, then have them call the grandparents, aunts and uncles, or their friends.

Take them on a trip - visually

If you can teach them to take a break from everyday problems by visualizing a story in their heads. Let them use their imagination to make up a story or see their favorite place in their heads.

Jumping rope

If you can get your children to jump rope for 15 to 20 minutes, it will release mood enhancing endorphins in the brains. It will relief the stress and gives them a focus. Make a contest out of it if you have more than one child. If not, grab a rope and jump with them and reduce your own stress.

The thing with kids is if they don't get it out, it can grow until it's turned into anger or depression. Talking to your kids and getting the problem out in the open is the best way of dealing with kid's stressors.

Stress Relief for Kids

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