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Teaching Yoga to Kids

Relaxation and to Reduce Stress

Teaching yoga to children is a great idea! Life today is fast-paced and hectic. As adults we look for ways to relax. What about children? Their lives reflect our own busy schedule- school, endless lessons and sports and music instruments, homework and social pressures. Young ones have more to deal with today then we had when I was a kid. What can we do to help our little ones relieve some of the pressures of today's world? Yoga has proved helpful for adults, what about for kids? Yoga for children is becoming more and more popular.

This relaxing exercise is a manner of breathing methods, physical exercise and meditation developed many years ago. It is designed to make body stronger and the mind calmer. While yoga for kids is different than for adults, the results are pretty much the same. Children learn to relieve stress and pressure through this form of exercise and are therefore more calm.

We live in an aggressive society and it is portrayed in movies, video games, books and magazines and online. Using yoga with children can help counter some of these influences. It has become a tool used to help children cope with problems like ADHD and anger management. Anti-bullying programs have found that kids are better able to channel their emotions. They are hoping to use yoga as a way to reduce bullying incidents.

Exercise is part of a healthy and balanced life, for anyone, adult or child. Yoga helps develop healthy strong bodies. Flexibility can be maintained as little ones grow older. Self-health is something that yoga teaches children. While relaxation is important and as we have seen, necessary in today's world, qualities such as a cooperative spirit and calmness are also taught. An increase of focus and concentration helps kids with school work and classes. Competition is something that is fostered in school and sports. It also helps to encourage cooperation and compassion. Along with this self-esteem and self-awareness are a by-product of this type of exercise.

We want the best for our children and we want to give them an edge so they can grow to be happy adults. Yoga may be something you do for yourself but why not look into using it with your kids? While helping then to relieve some of the pressures they may be feeling it teaches them to remain calm and work things through. Improving their coordination and flexibility helps improve their self-esteem. In short you will give your child the tools they need to be well rounded successful people. When given the chance to make life better for our children, we take advantage of it. The benefits of yoga will be worth it, for you and them!

Teaching Yoga to Children

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