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Teen Anxiety

Help Overcome Anxious Feelings

Teen anxiety is a part of many teen's everyday lives. For some though, it can be more severe than for others: it can interrupt your daily function, dominate your thoughts, and control your life. Dealing with your anxiety, no matter how severe it is, can be one of the most difficult skills to teach yourself as you grow into an adult. There are several easy ways to cut off your anxiety at it’s base, though, before it grows into a monolithic thing that you can’t fight.

The first, and most important step, is to be aware of your emotions. Don’t fight off feeling angry or sad: everyone feels that way, it’s normal to be angry or sad some of the time. When you fight and deny your feelings, you create stress and anxiety for yourself. If you let yourself get angry, you can better cope with the feeling, and better understand what makes you angry and what doesn’t.

When you’ve mastered the idea of a trigger and an effect, you’ll be better suited to controlling your emotions and dealing with your anxiety as it begins, rather than tackling it once it’s a major problem.

Moreover, realizing your emotions and their responses to situations places you in control of your reaction: you choose how you react to an emotion. Nothing makes you angry, you choose to be angry because that’s what your response to a situation is. Realizing and controlling this sort of interplay is one of the most effective and least difficult ways to deal with long term anxiety problems.

Once you’ve dealt with the internal, you must deal with the external. There are two simple and easy things you can, and should, do every single day to deal with daily anxiety, no matter how severe. These things are: do some kind of cardiovascular exercise, and spend an hour listening to a relaxing CD. That’s all you have to do, and in many, many cases, your anxiety will go down to an easily manageable level.

With teenage moodiness at a manageable level days will get easier, and the constant, crushing weight from anxiety baring down will dissipate. An anxiety free life is a good place to be, and with a few tips you can be there too; it won’t be an easy journey, but it’s most definitely one worth making. Make sure you speak to your doctor asap to get more information on managing anxiety.

Teen Anxiety

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