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Teenage Emotions

Teenagers suffer from “growing pains” as a result of an influx of hormones into their bodies. They really can’t help having “teen emotions” because they don’t have a choice. Puberty cause all kinds of emotions teens have to deal with. Estrogen is the foundation of female teen emotions and testosterone is the foundation behind male teen emotions. Its how the body takes them into adulthood and the side effect can be overwhelming if they aren’t handled properly.

If you remember when you were a teenager, then you’ll remember all the feelings you went through when you started growing up. They are the same feelings your teenagers are going through now. Understanding these emotions

are the key to helping your teenagers get through this period. Children at this age have many changes taking place in the brain causing different reactions and behaviors to emerge.

Female Teens

When the female teen reaches the age of 10 to 13 years of age, their bodies start to produce excess hormones into their systems. Their roller coaster ride of mood changes and emotions begins with the pituitary gland sending a signal to the ovaries. This signal begins breast growth and hair growth to the legs, underarms, and private areas. Body fat starts to build on the stomach, buttock, and legs.

Acne may become a problem for those with oily skin and hormones continue to bombard the body. With these changes, the teen’s emotions will first be excitement since this is a sign they are growing up.

They might also become sad thinking they are leaving their childhood behind, it depends on the teen. The teen anxiety level increases with the growth of hair, breast size, and the growth of their body. They begin to sweat, which triggers mood swings, and often, frustration and stress.

Male Teens

For the male teen, the pituitary sends a signal to the testicles, so they can start the production of testosterone. The teen’s body will begin to grow in spurts starting with the feet, hands, arms and legs. They usually grow faster than the rest of the body, hence, the teen’s clumsiness and awkwardness. Their shoulders begin to expand, and muscle growth begins. Their larynx changes due to the testosterone changing their voice to a deeper tone. As their penis grows, the production of sperm begins, which leads to erections and wet dreams.

It’s the body’s way of preparing the young teen for adulthood. Male teen emotions at this time take a giant leap. They become self conscious about involuntary erections and have embarrassment over wet dreams. They feel frustration, anxiety, and stress as their body continues to change with feelings of aggression as the testosterone level increases. Their feelings about girls change as does their self consciousness about voice changes.

Talking about Sexuality

This is the time to continue openly discussing feelings about sex and sexuality. Encourage them to talk to you about their feelings and the changes their body is going through. As a father, you should spend more time with them explaining why they feel the way they do.

If they don’t have any guidance, then tweens or teens can become more stressed and suffer from anxiety, which can lead to teenage rebellion. It isn’t necessary for them to go through stress and anxiety when a few talks can keep their mind at ease. 

Take the time, at least once a week, to spend time with your teen and talk about their emotions. It will help them as well as the family environment. A happy home is much better for everyone than a home with a sulky teenager.

Teenage Emotions

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