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Test Anxiety Strategies

Reduce Exam Stress

Want to learn how to reduce test taking anxiety? We all have those memories of walking into a classroom, knowing a test was to be given that day. Butterflies danced in our stomach as we stared at the questions in front of us. Happily, those days are behind us, we managed to make it through. Today however, normal feelings of anxiety before a test have been replaced with feelings of overwhelming stress. This can be unhealthy for children and young teens. What can parents do to help their young ones take tests and do well, while reducing their anxiety? Let's take a look at some of the answers to these questions and the recommended strategies to dealing with these issues.

To begin, anxiety is characterized by an overwhelming worry or stress that is felt in young students before a test. While some of this is normal, other cases can be extreme and cause interference in a child's normal activities.

For example, sleeping and eating patterns may be disrupted due to inordinate amounts of stress. Some have noticed a change in social and family relationships.

Others may even become physically ill. The result of this type of disorder can be a severe hindrance on test performance, memory lapses and extreme nervousness. Tummy troubles are common with this type of anxiety. 

Test Taking Strategies to Reduce Exam Anxiety

For the health and overall well being of your child, here are some suggestions that can help.

Communicate Being open with your child and having them be open with you is one way to help ease feelings of anxiety. If you are positive and calm, they learn from this.

Help them to understand that they should do their best, and that mistakes will be made from time to time. Another good piece of advise is to communicate with your child's teachers and school counselor.

They can help by being there for your child while you are not around. Be involved and keep lines of communication open.

Help your child be prepared Mark test dates down on a calendar so you and your child know when tests are coming up. This small step can help alleviate test fears.

Set aside times to study well in advance of the upcoming day. Make sure you set the right atmosphere that is conducive to study. Good lighting, quiet, a desk and other materials that may be needed are a great start.

Another helpful hint is to have the student review daily his or her notes and classwork. This keeps points fresh in mind.

Be healthy Eating right and getting sufficient rest and exercise is good for the body but also the mind. A diet low in sugar- especially breakfast helps keep young minds sharp. Sufficient sleep and rest allows the body and mind to keep focused throughout the day.

Exercise is a good way to relieve tension and stress. A balanced lifestyle is healthy and beneficial for the whole family.

Keeping these points in mind and putting them into practice is a good start to helping your child overcome or reduce test taking anxiety! Remember exam stress is temporary and working to acknowledge and change these fears is a positive step!

Test Anxiety Strategies

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