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The Emotional Intelligence Quickbook

This book full of useful tools for managing behavior to change your personal relationships. Authors, Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, focus on the four skills you need to adjust to benefit your relationships in your business and personal life. The skills self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management increase your skills at emotional intelligence.

Chapter one and two takes you through a few insights on how emotional intelligence works in the brain. It also explains how it works and how you can tap into it to change your personal and professional life. The authors explain how the tools they show you in The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book can take you down any path you choose. They also explain how you can exceed at your goals and push on to achieve your full potential. There is also a test you can take to determine your emotional intelligence IQ.

Chapter three talks about emotional intelligence appraisal and how it works, plus, it shows how you can make it work for you. There's another test that shows you where you are with emotional intelligence and how you can change and develop it for yourself.

Chapters five and six explain why it's important to know yourself. Chapter five shows more about the brain and how much pressure it can take emotionally such as anger and how the brain reacts to it. Your first reaction to anger is to start yelling, then you become aware of the physical feelings from the emotion. It shows you how to practice to overcome the feeling and increase your emotional intelligence.

Chapter six in the book shows you why it's important to know yourself by relating a story about how Ray Charles developed personal competence to become the person he is. They explain how knowing your shortcomings help develop your personal capability.

They talk about how social abilities can be learned, so you can listen and talk to people to overcoming any social problems you may have. They give you the tools to read body language and subtle signals people show without knowing. If you observe what other do, you can increase your emotional intelligence. The authors continue on showing how you can use the tools and apply them to your professional life, personal life with your children and partner. A technical report on emotional intelligence appraisal ends the book.

If you want to grow your emotional intelligence in your personal and professional life, then this book is chock full of advice, stories, and examples of how others have overcome and build their emotional intelligence. The tools they give you allow you to grow and overcome anything that is holding you back from achieving your life's goals.

The Emotional Intelligence Quickbook

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