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What is Cyber Bullying? 

Tips to Protect Your Kids Online

Cyber bullying or Internet bullying is a new trend in the area of bullying and one that is hurting lots of innocent people in ways that have never occurred before. The ease and dramatic increase in the use of technology has spurred this new kind of on-line bullying.

Teach your kids these steps to prevent cyber bullying

  1. Do not post information that can help to identify you personally. Be careful because there are people who may try to gather information from various sources to prepare a profile of you.
  2. Make sure your passwords are kept secret and not shared with others. If your password is leaked people can not only post as you but can change your setting without you noticing or gather private information.
  3. Unless you are prepared for whatever you post to be spread around your whole school or even community don’t post it-even if you think you are posting something privately it may become public.
  4. Be kind to others. Do not post things about other people that you would not say to them in person.
  5. Keep your privacy setting controlled on Facebook and other social media so only people you know and trust can see your account.
  6. Tell a trusted adult immediately if you are being bullied or taunted online.

WebWatcher is a great tool to help parents and schools prevent cyber-bullying from occurring. It is easy to install and is a great resource to ensure the safety of your child on the net.

If malicious things are posted on Facebook. You can report the issue to Facebook and they will remove the posting or block the user from contact with you if you follow the steps by right clicking on the post. Children can also send the link to the bullying to a trusted adult.

If your child is being cyber-bullied, speak to the school, contact the source (ie Facebook) or wherever the posts are posted to have them removed. In serious cases the police may need to be notified.

Cyber bullying is in some ways worse than other types of bullying as the bully can remain anonymous and can spread rumors and hurtful statements to many people in short spaces of time.

Reassure your child they have done the right thing by coming to you and help them and support them until it stops.

Children have their own online language that is sometimes like a foreign language to adults.

Children's self-awareness is an important skill to develop in all children so they know when they are annoying or causing uncomfortable feelings in others.

What is Cyber Bullying

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